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After i was part of an affair. I cheated using a woman on her boyfriend of seven years. This sounds.

After i was part of an affair. I cheated using a woman on her boyfriend of seven years. This sounds bad but from my point of view I wasnt doing anything wrong. The woman didnt tell me that I used to be the other man. She let me think my partner and i was her one in support of and I believed her until I found out she had another sweetheart.

I dropped the whole situation like a hot rock and tried set as much emotional distance between myself and their as possible. I didnt tell the boyfriend anything I just walked off of. Picture me all you out there in online dating land at twentytwo. Not technically a virgin but not far off and just generally lacking information about women and how to deal together. I had no real romantic endeavors and no immediate prospects of one. Then I met Angela. I thought I was the luckiest guy in the scene. Angela was the most forward woman I had ever met she walked into my life and took over my bed.

Nothing like that had every happened to me before and I was deliriously happy. For 8 weeks there was nothing but sex. I stopped doing homework and started skipping classes so that I’m able to fit more sex into my schedule. This was great but we didn’t do anything else together not so much as a movie woo. I was never seen in public along with her. We didnt go for dinner we didnt really do anything together except. well sort. If I had had more experience dating I would have russian singles known that this was unusual. If Id had friends who I would have consulted they might have pointed it out in my experience or if I were found to be part of an internet dating community someone could have told me that this was a little weird.

Having no point of reference to judge items by it took me some time to observe that this was not normal. When it finally did occur to me I asked her about this. She broke down told me she had a boyfriend coupled with had one for seven years. I admit it surprised me. In hindsight it probably shouldnt have but it did. I told her I was disappointed in her and asked her to place. This is the point online dating citizens where I start to become a coward because I was content to leave it at that.

It occurred to me that I might have some kind of obligation to locate the boyfriend and tell him what was happening although i didnt. I kicked her out and then made an effort to forget about her and her boyfriend and about all the sex when i wasnt going to have. I felt bad about the unknown boyfriend wandering around out there trusting the woman who had cheated on him and who would probably do it again. Food concerned about his possible exposure to any disease that she might bring home with her. I was concerned about that myself when I realized I wasnt the only person she was sleeping sufficient reason for.

I had about per month of panic attacks before my tests came back negative. So my question for the online dating community is this did I have an obligation to try to look for the boyfriend and tell him what had happened more than just for his peace of mind and for mine but to spare him from exposure to deadly or at least embarrassing disease or was it better to drop it and leave it these people to sort out their broken relationship on very It was a years ago but this is the kind of thing that still keeps me up at occasion.

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